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Leather Pouf Pouffe Ottoman – Handcrafted in Morocco


Leather Pouf Pouffe Ottoman … FREE Shipping Direct From Marrakech worldwide.

Travel back to a slower time of aromatic mint tea in cool courtyards and sun-drenched bazaars, overflowing with handmade goods in the great city of Marrakesh with your very own Moroccan Pouf (Pouffe, Ottoman)!
Individually handcrafted by Moroccan Artisans, our poufs / pouffes are made from only the finest 100% genuine leather. Choose from our large selection of colours, or from our monochrome range – for the minimalist fans. Whatever your preference your pouf will be the showpiece of any room.
An extremely functional item, the pouf may be used as a footstool an ottoman seat even a side table or they can be integrated to any space that needs a modern twist with a timeless piece of handmade art.

Carefully selected pieces of leather are dyed, or oiled, stitched together and embroidered by hand. Every individual pouf created is an original work of art. No two poufs are identical.


Material: 100% Genuine Leather
Colour:  White with Black
Construction: Stitched together and embroidered by hand with Sabra Silk thread.
Please note that the embroidery pattern on your pouf may differ slightly from the image. It depends who the embroiderer was, but all are equally beautiful.
Dimensions: 48cm wide x 30cm height when filled.
Note: Product comes unstuffed, so you can fill it to your specifications.

Moroccan Pouf Stuffing

Our unstuffed Moroccan poufs can be filled with a variety of different materials depending on what you have available and the kind of finish you wish to achieve.

For a soft and light bean bag style pouf, we recommend using scrunched up newspapers or filling with polystyrene balls (60L per pouf). If you decide to use polystyrene beads, it is advisable to use a liner, such as an old pillow case, and fill it in the bath or outside as the beads tend to escape…everywhere!

To achieve a firmer, heavier pouf try using cotton, felt, or wool fabrics for an eco-friendly option. Out of date clothing, old towels and sheets work well too!

To Stuff Your Moroccan Pouf

  1. Make sure the material you are using is clean and dry
    2. The zipper is located on the bottom of the pouf. Unzip the pouf and open it out to its full shape
    3. Start by gradually filling the sides at the top of your pouf to ensure that all the nooks and crannies are fully stuffed. This will prevent dimples and bumps in the finished pouf
    4. Continue stuffing evenly… add a layer of stuffing and push it down firmly (again, ensuring that the sides and seams are fully filled out) before moving on to add another layer
    5.Continue until the pouf is full

The pouf will settle down over time and more filling can then be added as required.
Please note: Due to the natural tanning process used to make authentic Moroccan Pouffes the leather will have a strong scent for the first few weeks. Rest assured that this is completely normal and will subside. Please feel free to ask any questions about this prior to your purchase.


10 in stock (can be backordered)

Leather Pouf Pouffe Ottoman- Handmade with love – Creative and innovative!

The genuine leather pouf pouffe ottomans and stools made in Moroccan have always seduced by the originality of their designs, their embroidery, their shapes and colours. The profusion of creative designs, and the abundance of workshops employing leather artisans in Morocco, offer a wide range of products capable of complimenting any interior.

Whether in a bohemian, traditional or contemporary living room, a Moroccan leather pouf pouffe, ottoman or footstool adds authenticity, tradition and nobility to any home.

The Moroccan leather pouf or pouffe is mainly made from either goat leather or lamb which is organically tanned in Marrakech or Fez.

Use as comfortable seats around a coffee table as in an Amazigh living room where a scattering of poufs in leather and kilim create a typically Moroccan atmosphere.

Decorating a shaded garden or a terrace for meals with handmade leather poufs or ottomans is a practice present in many hotels and riads in Morocco. They are a comfortable, bohoemian chic, as well as classic design, where tradition meets contemporary.

Colours and Designs

The world of interior decoration has greatly benefited from the know-how and dexterity of Moroccan artisans.  Leather goods and various other leather products are in high demand.

They were originally created to meet a utilitarian need before becoming the popularly decorative furnishing items they are today. The ottomans and the stools are embellished with sabra silk embroideries in geometric or floral motifs. They are artfully hand sewn and an authentic mastery of Moroccan handicrafts.

Moroccan ottomans and stools in leather seduce us with their curves, their fluidity and the art of craftsmanship to impregnate a space with a typically Moroccan ambience. Round, rectangular or cubic shapes, they adorn lounges, terraces, and bedrooms with their colours and shapes that adapt to any interior style. Moroccan leather poufs are ethnic cushions, symbolic of the oriental need to relax in comfort. They make a practical and exotic decoration.

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